A musical instrument cannot be learned on its own or overnight.  It requires continuous learning over a long period of time.  During this time not only the technique on the instrument develops, but also a complex understanding of music.  In addition, we make important experiences with ourselves.


The beginning is nature itself. Actually, it gives everyone a gift in something – with a head start or even an advantage. Especially in music, “talent” is almost a proverb. But even extraordinary talents are no guarantee for success. What we already have is certainly a reason for joy, but the balance of all abilities needs careful and persistent care. Weaknesses are also part of the whole and are no cause for concern. There is always something to start with, even if the path is long and not always obvious. Anyway, the way with music at the end is always individual and very personal.



Discipline the second famous magic word – with good reason.. Without it, nothing will get done. It includes, for example, diligence, perseverance, patience, conscientiousness, willpower, determination, assertiveness and personal responsibility. They do not become boring even in adulthood, because we use them to further develop our personality. Children are even more at the beginning of such a path. They need not only time, but also reliable and understanding support – the more versatile, the more effective. Teachers and parents should be in conversation and provide positive incentives with interest, benevolence and attentiveness.


For me the biggest topic in music lessons. It’s about the emotional roots, the original source of our growth. It is particularly precious and therefore deserves special attention. Motivation is similar to a seed: large trees can grow out of it that last for centuries, and similarly, a deep motivation has a similar effect in our lives. Since we cannot naturally dispose of it at any time, it must be protected and cared for. Fortunately, it flows to us from different directions. These include curiosity, the spirit of discovery, self-awareness and self-discovery, self-realization, a sense of beauty, a need for expression and communication, social recognition and, of course, simply the desire to play.

From My point of view

Even with good training and a lot of experience, teaching remains an amazing experience. Insights have grown, been overtaken and then reshaped. It is surprising how important insights can still be added and improve the perspective for existing and future tasks. I am glad to experience the openness and flexibility in such a learning path. I particularly enjoy the lively teaching dialogue. Respect and sympathy create trust and the fascinating subject of music is an endless source of new thoughts. It is a special concern of mine to always find the right balance between the challenges. I value quality and individual learning speed more than pressure to perform and show effect.

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