Terms and Condtions


  • My classes are aimed at children and adults. 
  • The experience shows that for children the beginning of school is a good starting age, in some cases a little bit earlier. 
  • For adults there are no fixed rules. Love for the subject and a trusting communication during the lessons are decisive.  This applies to children as well.
  • Under normal circumstances the tuition is usually at your home in Nienstedten, Blankenese, Osdorf, Othmarschen … Certain times would be available at my location.
  • Online teaching has surprisingly become the standard these days. With a good technical preparation and daily growing experience fortunately no problem.
  • In the standard plan a monthly payment is usual. It refers to 45 minutes per week, with at least 38 lessons per year. Families receive a discount if the dates are combined into a double date.
  • Other arrangements according to the needs.
  • The agreements can be fixed with a contract of the German Association of Musicians (dtkv).
  • I teach in German and English.

Some FAQ

The Pricing ...

Music lessons are an investment. This applies not only to the money, but also to some values that are rarely included, namely precious time and personal commitment. It is precisely here, however, that the question of money is put into relative terms when unique years pass with ineffectiveness and end with a frustrating result. Cheaper can be more expensive.

The main obstacle to the assessment is the fact that two sides bear responsibility: the teacher will hopefully give his best, but is also dependent on a certain initiative and self-resposibility of the learner.
That is why practice is the deciding factor. Test the teacher! Is the chemistry right? Can you implement his support? … then success will automatically grow. Otherwise it’s too expensive, regardless of price, reasons back or forth.

What instrument?

First: You need your own instrument (or one that you can always use). After all, you want and have to deal with your hobby almost every day.  Second: Your instrument should be of sufficient quality. A keyboard is not enough to learn the piano.

The similar is true for the recorder, but here you can play an instrument (plastic) for the price of an average restaurant meal (20-30 €) for quite some time. 

For a stage piano (without accessories) in the same category you would have to do without the restaurant about 50 times more often, for an acoustic instrument 200 times. In the case of a new purchase, good, neutral advice is therefore highly recommended.

Can I study my favourite Songs?

I would like to answer this question with yes. However, there are some restrictions that are not always appreciated.

First of all, your training level must match the piece or arrangement.

Secondly: not all pieces are suitable for every instrument, and it does not make sense to deal with bad or inappropriate musical material in the classes for a longer period of time.

Thirdly, a lack of commitment in the preparation of the lessons logically leads to a lack of enthusiasm. To ask the teacher for “better” pieces in order to finally have fun has never solved the problem yet.

How long is a Lesson?

The proven standard length of a lesson is 45 minutes. During this time the most important topics can normaly be discussed and rehearsed together.

In my practice there are only few exceptions to this average. Mostly they concern children who are not yet able to concentrate the whole time.

Differences upwards have proved particularly effective when a lot of material has to be processed. This is the case when a considerable amount of practice is done, e.g. when a professional level is reached and ambitious goals are pursued.

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