Music is not only about pressing keys on the piano, but of immense diversity. Of course, you can’t learn everything at once, but unfortunately, parts that deserve much more attention on closer inspection are often neglected. There are no bad intentions. The problem is rather the lack of time in the training system. The consequences, however, are serious.

A particularly important example is the subject of ear training. Good hearing is undeniably a basic skill for any occupation with music – especially in active engagement.  For example, a pianist must be able to identify what the left hand is playing, because it’s more than a pleasant noise! And this ability needs active practice! Why begin the ear training (if at all) when the first decade in the darkness of unawareness is over?

Another example: every jazz teacher mentions that continuous listening to jazz is a major requirement for learning this style of music.

It is self-explanatory that this principle can be transferred to any other style.  How seriously do we take it? Of course you can learn a small classical piece on the piano, even if you don’t know anything about the style.

But it’s a little bit similar, as if I would learn a Chinese poem without mastering anything else from the language. I wonder how many poems I would hold out under this condition and whether I would enjoy the job! –

So, there’s more than practicing! I could support you with recommendations and appreciate your initiative!

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