It’s a little bit like school time: a few subjects are more boring, but others can be really exciting. There are also different subjects in music, and I personally like to try out my own creativity with musical ideas. This interest has always accompanied me and I soon had the wish to be supported with this enthusiasm. Unfortunately I had to wait precious years until I could learn this importand and desired content in my education. In the meantime I have supplemented my knowledge with further education and workshops and look forward to encouraging and supporting you to follow your ideas.

If you want to learn this art, trust your wish and take it seriously. Don’t believe the naysayers who think that composing should be left to others. Of course you have to be creative, but three things are also certain: enthusiasm counts, diligence counts, and third: composing is a craft. Well, let’s go!

Below some examples that I wrote for piano lessons. In the version to be heard they are arrangements at the same time. (Computer-Demo)

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