Improvisation is the execution of musical ideas without a fixed plan. The chosen way of realization depends on the momentary impulse of the musician and is therefore creative in a highly original way. It goes without saying that this creative flow is of utmost importance as an immediate source for the productive thinking of music. In many works from different classical epochs and styles, it is often obvious that they should be traced back to the improvisational art of their authors.
In our days the example of the saxophone shows that the proximity of the performing musicians to improvisation can be not only something past, but also something quite natural today. It is a pity that, in the broad average of piano training, the fixation on the musical notation is such a lasting obstacle to this wonderful part of music. Throw off the shackles, clear your head and finally try to see the whole picture: your freedom to think for yourself. I’ll do my best to lead you!

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