I can say that especially nice moments are often those when I realize that my acoustic grand piano doesn’t need regular updates, doesn’t need to be configured and can’t crash! It’s also fascinating that especially in dicey situations, where it’s all about clarity of thought and stringent progress, these three ancient tools keep appearing: pencil, eraser and music paper. Guaranteed without bug and independent of the operating system!

This is no joke that I can leave aside now, but it has to be said that the computer also opens up possibilities that go far beyond the traditional workflow. And: “workflow” is THE keyword for succesful computer usage. The possibilities are endless and the user runs the risk of getting lost instead of becoming productive. The advantage only arises where the urgency of repetition forces workflows. This clear rule has been shown to me in every major project I have worked on in the past.

I don’t know all the possibilities by far and could not offer myself as an expert in this sense. But I can offer the experiences that have helped me to master a considerable mountain of work and to top pencil and eraser in one or the other point. 🙂

I am looking forward to exchanging ideas or helping you, depending on what is closer!


My first steps and projects in sequenzing was in Apple Logic. I was also incredibly lucky to be able to join an extremely valuable internship in a leading recording studio for this sequencer and to recognize the importance of a good workflow, among other things. (Thank you, Axel!) In the meantime I switched to Cubase to be little bit more independent from the operating system.

Score Editing

To create music for real players would be at least a challange if you can’t offer a printed score. So this is the second main software in my production process. 25 years back the first projects was in Finale. I then had a very good time with Sibelius and switched recently to Dorico to stay tuned to the current development in this subject.


Sound Library

Especially the orchestra sound libraries was a huge step forward in music production. I was always interested, but started to benefit from it after a special training.  Now everything is reasonably stable. The orchestra software runs on its own computer, which gives the sequencing computer comfort and security. The small version of the VSL library is sufficient for me. It is supplemented by a few other products, which are not covered by VSL.



How about the fairy and the three wishes? Make it work together, please! A few keywords: audio interface, midi input devices, cabling, shortcut and windows management, operating system stability, data security, backup strategy, file storage organization, digital archives online and offline, cloud integration … The fewer weaknesses or disorders at any of these points, the less stress. Exchange experiences – or hope for the fairy?

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